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Alpha-Amylase HA®

Alpha-Amylase HA® is a family of ten thermostable, food grade α-amylases that effectively liquefy starch under a broad range of processing conditions. Alpha-Amylase HA® works well in low pH conditions while maintaining its superior stability. Alpha-Amylase HA® family of enzymes has been specially designed for liquefaction in the brewing and potable alcohol industries as well as for use in starch hydrolysis applications.


Alpha-Amylase HA® is a group of food grade, bacterial, thermostable alpha-amylases produced from a selected strain of Bacillus licheniformis that is effectively used in many food and beverage applications where starch hydrolysis is required. 


  • Stability at lower pH

  • Reduces water, pH chemicals, and energy usage

  • Rapid viscosity reduction

  • Reduces overall process cost

  • Promotes higher fermentation yields

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