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Food & Beverage

Enzyme technology has had a tremendous beneficial impact on the processing and quality of food and beverages. Enzymes are used in food and beverage processes to improve characteristics such as texture, flavor, color, in addition to enhancing the nutritional value of the final products. Boli BioProducts USA offers innovative enzymes designed for food and beverage production with an emphasis on vegetable & fruit juice processing, hydrolyzed protein extracts from plant, animal and yeast sources. In addition to our enzymes, Boli BioProducts USA also offers superior fermented wheat products that act as a natural preservative and may be used in a variety of food products, giving your products a clean label.  

Vegetable & Fruit Juices

Boli BioProducts USA enzymes are the perfect choice for apple, pear, grape, berry and vegetable processing; our enzymes for fruit and vegetable juices are highly effective in improving juice filtration and yield, clarity, stability and color.

Protein Extracts

Protein hydrolysates from animal/plant /yeast proteins are commonly used as flavor enhancers in many food, soup & drink products. Our portfolio of food enzymes can produce a rich, savory flavor profiles without bitterness and achieve higher soluble proteins and free amino acids in your products. Boli BioProducts USA enzymes will allow you to produce clean label, low sodium products.

Cultured Wheat Products

Boli BioProducts USA is now pleased to offer cultured wheat products, made from wheat flour fermented with a selected strain of Propionibacterium freudenreichii. This fermentation process produces natural propionates and bacteriocins which work as a clean-label replacement for calcium propionate in a wide variety of food products that require addition of preservatives.

Our Enzymes for Food & Beverage Include

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