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Other Applications

Boli BioProducts USA offers industrial enzymes for use in a wide variety of applications including textiles, leather, soil modification, and laundry detergents. Our highly efficient, biology-based enzyme products are very cost-efficient and allow you to save time, lower energy consumption, and reduce/eliminate the use of harsh processing chemicals.


Our portfolio of enzymes is utilized in various steps of textile processing: desizing, bio-scouring, bleach cleanup, expelling starch, degumming silk, shrink-proofing wool, bio-polishing cotton, bleaching, shrink-proofing wool, bio-stoning (of denim), in addition to many other applications. Boli BioProducts USA textile enzymes allow you to produce smoother, softer fabrics that retain their vibrant colors and high quality, wash after wash.

Our Enzyme Solutions for Textiles

  • Offer alternative to harsh chemical usage, minimize environmental pollution, and reduce wastewater treatment costs

  • Operate under milder processing conditions and are easier and safer to use

  • Cause no damage to stretch fibers and are easy to control in the process

  • Provide a high color contrast finish, high-color pull and a low degree of back staining

  • Reduce energy cost by reducing water usage

  • Offer significant cost savings

Our Enzymes for Textile Include


Boli BioProducts USA’s enzymes for leather processing consist of lipases and proteases which are used in leather processing for soaking, hair removal, fat degreasing, liming/bating, pickling, wet blue fold removal, dye penetration, and strip finishing. Our wide range of enzymatic solutions provides tanneries the perfect tools for adding value to your products and processes. By using sustainable solutions, we can improve your leather processing to ensure that your products are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Our Enzyme Solutions for Leather Production

  • Reduce water usage and processing time

  • Reduce or eliminate use of harsh chemicals and solvents consumption, minimizing environmental pollution

  • Operate under milder processing conditions and are easier and safer to use

  • Do not damage or dissolve the keratin in the skins or hides

  • Provide high quality finished products

  • Are energy efficient and offer significant cost advantages for your process

Our Enzymes for Leather Include

Paper & Pulp

For years, we have helped improve pulp & paper operations across the industry. Our enzyme solutions help pulp & paper mills to hydrolyze/modify starch,  save on water, energy and chemicals while improving end- product quality and appearance.

Our Enzyme Solutions for the Paper & Pulp Processing  

  • Reduce chemical consumption, minimizing environmental pollution

  • Effectively modify starch used for sizing

  • Increase in final brightness and strength of the paper

  • Offer significant cost advantages

Our Enzymes for  Paper & Pulp Include

Soil Modifications

Enzymes play a critical role in maintaining soil health by catalyzing reactions in soils; these reactions have a tremendous ecological impact in the soil nutrient cycle.  Healthy soil keeps the eco-system intact and helps crops recover from adverse conditions like pest infestation, drought, climate change, and pollution. Boli BioProducts USA provides a portfolio of soil enzymes for use in the fertilizer industry for enriching the nutrients in soil and improving the overall soil health.

Our Enzyme Solutions for Soil Modifications

Facilitate the breakdown of organic matter and release plant available nutrients  

  • Improve nutrient mineralization

  • Enrich nutrients in soil

  • Produce less waste and CO2

  • Are very cost efficient to use and are environmentally friendly

  • Include solutions for use in certified organic products 

Our Enzymes for Soil Modifications Include

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