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Boli BioProducts USA offers a wide range of baking enzymes that allow manufacturers of baked goods to significantly enhance both dough processability and finished product quality. Our enzymes allow bakers to improve their control of the baking process and achieve higher quality baked goods. Our innovative enzyme solutions offer bakers clean labels by reducing the need for chemical additives while providing significant cost savings by reducing ingredient costs.

Our Enzyme Solutions for Baking

  • Optimize dough texture and enlarge loaf volume

  • Improve crust color and crumb structure of bread

  • Improve yeast fermentation without adding sugar

  • Modify dough strength by increasing/decreasing elasticity

  • Provide clean labels by reducing/eliminating chemicals and emulsifiers

  • Improve processing efficiency by reducing mixing time or improving dough handling

  • Improve gluten matrix cohesiveness and gas retention

  • Reduce food waste and improve sustainability

Our Baking Enzymes Include

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