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Alpha-Amylase LIQMEI FD®

Alpha-Amylase LIQMEI FD® is a food grade, non-GMO α-amylase with exceptional thermal stability that is specifically designed and formulated for use in the brewing and potable alcohol industries.


Alpha-Amylase LIQMEI FD® is a very stable bacterial non-GMO α-amylase that rapidly liquefies starch to produce soluble dextrins.  Alpha-Amylase LIQMEI FD® is extremely effective when used in cereal adjunct cooking in breweries and in mash liquefaction in potable alcohol distilleries.  Alpha-Amylase LIQMEI FD® is stable and active over a wide range of pH and temperature conditions and maintains excellent performance with little or no added calcium required.


  • Rapidly reduces viscosity of starch solutions

  • Efficient DE development

  • Promotes high dextrose yield with minimal by-product formation

  • Effectively works on a variety of starch substrates

  • The lowest cost-in-use food grade, non-GMO alpha-amylase available for the brewing and potable alcohol industry

  • Excellent performance over a wide pH range

  • Superior high temperature stability

  • Excellent performance with no calcium addition under most conditions   

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