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Alpha-Amylase TB®

Alpha-Amylase TB® is a family of five bacterial α-amylases that have been specifically designed and formulated for textile and papermaking applications.


Alpha-Amylase TB® is a group of industrial grade bacterial alpha-amylases produced from a selected strain of Bacillus subtilis. Alpha-Amylase TB® is a mid-temperature alpha-amylase with an optimal temperature range from 86°F-194°F. Alpha-Amylase TB® is available in both liquid and powder forms:

TB-2 & TB-4 are liquids and TB-0030, TB-0040, and TB-0100 are powders.


  • Enable easy and efficient desizing without any damage to the fabrics

  • Break down the starch in the fabric into soluble polysaccharides which are easily removed by rinsing

  • Cost-efficient

  • Environmentally friendly

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