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Alpha-Amylase TH®

Alpha-Amylase TH® is a family of three thermostable α-amylases specifically designed for the paper, pulp, and textile industries.


Alpha-Amylase TH® is a group of thermostable bacterial alpha-amylases produced from a selected strain of Bacillus licheniformis and is available in both liquid and powder forms. Alpha-Amylase TH® is used for desizing fabrics sized with starch and starch derivatives. The high activity of Alpha-Amylase TH® even at high processing temperatures allows you to reach 90 ~ 95% of desizing rate and enables desizing and coloring-fixing in the same bath.


  • Reduce desizing time and achieve high desizing rate

  • Active at high processing temperatures

  • Gives smooth texture to the final products along with soft and bright characteristics 

  • Saves energy and reduces processing cost

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