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Beta-Glucanase GC-500®

Beta-Glucanase GC-500® is a liquid food grade beta-glucanase specifically designed for use in the brewing, potable alcohol, winery, and juice processing industries. Beta-Glucanase GC-500® is used for non-carbohydrate haze removal caused by β-glucans, improved mash filtration, and wort viscosity reduction.


Beta-Glucanase GC-500® is a food grade beta-glucanase which specifically breaks down β-glucans by hydrolyzing the beta-1,3 and beta-1,4 glycosidic linkages.  Beta-Glucanase GC-500® also contains some hemicellulase activity and can effectively break down β-glucans found in the cell walls of plant-derived substrates.


  • Improves the filtration rate and centrifuge efficiency (reduces filter down time)

  • Increases the extract recovery and yield

  • Reduces stickiness of spent grains to mash filter

  • Achieves better clarity in finished products

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