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Cellulase AC®

Cellulase AC® is a family of two acidic cellulases in liquid form, designed for the textile industry, especially the biopolishing and finishing processes of cellulose based fabrics. Cellulase AC® improves the softness and water absorbance of fibers, reduces the tendency of pilling and improves the hand feeling and appearance of fabrics. 


Cellulase AC® is a group of cost effective, industrial grade cellulases produced from a selected strain of Trichoderma reesei. Cellulase AC® is used in the polishing process of fabrics and is completely biodegradable. With its high activity,Cellulase AC®  requires a low dosage rate and is environmentally friendly, making biological finishing more preferable to chemical finishing. The use of Cellulase AC® reduces processing time, increases productivity, and significantly enhances the look, feel, and color of fabrics.


  • Suitable for a wide variety of fabrics including cotton, polyester-blended fabrics, linen and ramie

  • Eliminate pilling on surface of fabrics

  • Give fabrics an unique hand feeling- improved softness and smoothness

  • Restore color brightness

  • Remove excess dyestuff from denim fabric in pre-faded blue jeans

  • Environment friendly (reduces use of harsh chemicals, lowers energy consumption) 

  • Cost efficient

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