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Fungal Alpha-Amylase FAA®

Fungal Alpha-Amylase FAA® is a family of four non-GMO fungal alpha-amylases and is available in both food and industrial grades for use in the baking and fuel ethanol industries. Fungal Alpha-Amylase FAA® is used for starch liquefaction and also saccharification to produce soluble dextrins, maltose, and a small quantity of glucose.


Fungal Alpha-Amylase FAA® is a group of fungal alpha-amylases produced from a non-genetic modified strain of Aspergillus oryzae.

  • FAA-280 & FAA-400 are non-GMO fungal alpha-amylases (in liquid form) specifically designed for the fuel ethanol industry. These enzymes allow you to increase the ethanol yield by improving efficiency of saccharification and fermentable sugar conversion.

  • FAA-5000 & FAA-5100 are non-GMO food grade fungal alpha-amylases (in powder form) specifically designed for the baking industry. These enzymes allow for improved loaf volume in addition to improved texture and appearance. 


Fuel Ethanol Applications: 

  • Maximize fermentation rate and increase yield

  • Maximize the utilization of raw materials

  • Less glycerol produced

  • Less DP4+ residue

  • Reduce starch residue in DDGS

  • Cost-efficient versus other competitive fungal alpha amylases


Baking Applications:

  • Enhance dough fermentation ability of biogas production

  • Increase the volume of bread

  • Improve grain and crumb formation

  • Improve appearance and bread flavor

  • Improve both bread appearance and flavor

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