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Boli® γ-Polyglutamic Acid


Boli® γ-Polyglutamic Acid (γ-PGA) is a family of five polymer products that are produced from strains of Bacillus subtilis through submerged fermentation and extraction processes. Boli® γ-PGA is recognized as a green biological product which offers superior performance in agricultural applications. Use of these products can enrich nutrients and maximize the utilization of fertilizers, improve physical and chemical properties of soil, increase yield and quality of crops, and improve stress resistance of plants.


Boli® γ-PGA is an advanced polymer material which functions as a nanoparticle, nanocarrier, and nanosensor to contribute to long-term sustainable agriculture development.

1) Controlled Release Super Absorbent:

  • Retains water in soil, improves water use efficiency, & reduces frequency of irrigation

  • Conditions the soil, balances pH, and avoids soil hardening

  • Chelates with heavy mental ions present in soil, inhibiting contamination of plants from polluted soil 

  • Encaptures fertilizers / nutrients present in soil, extending their useful life without leaching into the environment

  • Improves plants’ resistance to drought, frost, and disease


2) Controlled Agrochemicals Delivery:

  • Controls release of agrochemicals at the lowest effective concentration – increase utilization efficiency of agrochemicals or reduce the usage of agrochemicals

  • Conditions the soil by protecting agrochemicals from degrading/damaging environments such as light and pH

  • Possesses lower cytotoxicity than conventional pesticides 

  • Stable, long-lasting nanocarriers which reduce the frequency of agrochemical applications and treatments

  • With its thermo-responsive system, improves the ability of plants to resist low temperature growth 

  • Augments photosynthesis and enables plant to grow stronger

  • Enhances root development and growth 

  • Promotes seed germination 

  • Improves plant’s resistance to premature aging

  • Improves fruit quality, such as sugar content and full grains 

  • Increases crop productivity yield

3) Provides Nutrients for Plant Growth

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