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Glucoamylase ALCOMEI PF®

ALCOMEI PF® is a food grade glucoamylase that can be used in various applications in food industry. ALCOMEI PF® has been designed for saccharification in beer and potable alcohol production. 


ALCOMEI PF® is a non-GMO food grade glucoamylase produced from a selected  strain of Aspergillus niger.  The use of ALCOMEI PF® allows for greater extraction of fermentable sugars from a wide variety of starch materials and will result in improved alcohol yields. ALCOMEI PF® is the most cost effective, non-GMO glucoamylase commercially available for food, brewing, and potable alcohol applications.


  • Provides high fermentable sugar conversion and low residual starch

  • Increases fermentation rate

  • Unbeatable cost-in-use savings versus any competitive non-GMO glucoamylase

  • Effectively works on various starch materials such as corn, tapioca, wheat, and rice  

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