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Glucoamylase ETHMEI®

ETHMEI® is a family of five high activity glucoamylases that has been specifically designed and formulated for the fuel ethanol industry. ETHMEI® glucoamylases provide the highest possible conversion rate of starch into fermentable sugars.The ETHMEI® product line offers a cost-in-use savings unmatched by any commercial glucoamylase currently available in the market.


ETHMEI® is a group of glucoamylases produced from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger.  Designed with a very high glucoamylase activity, the use of ETHMEI® in the fuel ethanol industry maximizes starch conversion. ETHMEI® products formulated with trehalase and/or pullulanase achieve the fastest fermentation, lowest residual starch, and the highest ethanol yield.


  • Provides the highest fermentable sugar conversion and lowest residual starch

  • Increases fermentation rate and ethanol yield

  • Maximizes the utilization of raw materials

  • Offers exceptional cost-in-use savings 

  • Offers a range of solutions for different operating conditions or goals

  • Increases corn oil extraction

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