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Glucoamylase HGA®

Glucoamylase HGA® is a family of five glucoamylases for saccharification designed and formulated specifically for maltose production and starch hydrolysis.


Glucoamylase HGA® is a group of glucoamylases produced from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger.

Glucoamylase HGA® is optimally formulated with the starch debranching enzyme pullulanase. 

The use of Glucoamylase HGA® is extremely effective in maximizing the conversion rate from starch to fermentable sugars. Glucoamylase HGA® is the enzyme of choice for the production of glucose with DX value above 96%.


  • Designed for maltose production, provides highest fermentable sugar conversion

  • Significantly reduces the saccharification process time

  • Maximizes the utilization of raw materials

  • Effectively works at high solids concentrations

  • Offers superior cost-in-use savings

  • Offers a range of solutions for different operating conditions or goals

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