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Glucoamylase PUREMEI GDS®

PUREMEI GDS® is a food grade glucoamylase in powder form that has been specifically designed and formulated for the baking industry.


PUREMEI GDS® is a non-GMO glucoamylase produced from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger.

PUREMEI GDS® is used in starch-containing food systems to reduce sugar usage. In baked goods,

PUREMEI GDS® reduces the firming that occurs as a result of starch retrogradation; in addition, the dextrose produced provides nutrients for the yeast.


  • Increases sugar content in baked goods and starch-containing foods

  • Provides sufficient nutrients for yeast fermentation

  • Reduces the firming caused by starch retrogradation

  • Enables yeast to work fast in frozen doughs

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