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Glucoamylase PUREMEI PG®

PUREMEI PG® is a non-GMO glucoamylase designed and formulated for use in the fuel ethanol industry. PUREMEI PG® provides an excellent balance between cost-in-use and fermentable sugar conversion.


PUREMEI PG® is a non-GMO glucoamylase produced from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger. PUREMEI PG® is specifically designed for the fuel ethanol industry and will efficiently increase both fermentation rate and the ethanol yield.


  • Offers higher fermentable sugar conversion and lower starch residue

  • Increases fermentation rate and ethanol yield

  • Excellent balance between performance and cost-in-use

  • Effectively works on various starch materials such as corn, tapioca, wheat, and rice

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