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Glucoamylase SUPERMEI®

SUPERMEI® is a family of three high activity glucoamylases designed for effective saccharification in the production of beer and potable alcohol. 


SUPERMEI® is a group of food grade glucoamylases produced from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger.  SUPERMEI®  has an extremely high glucoamylase activity and offers significant cost-in-use advantages versus other competitive glucoamylases. SUPERMEI®  has been developed and formulated specifically for use in the brewing and potable alcohol industries. As a result of its excellent performance in converting starch to fermentable sugars, SUPERMEI® offers higher alcohol yield, faster fermentation, and less residual starch.


  • Higher fermentable sugar conversion

  • Increase fermentation rate and ethanol yield

  • Less starch residues in distiller’s grains

  • Superior cost-in-use savings

  • Maximize utilization of raw materials

  • A range of solutions for different operating conditions or goals

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