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Lipase LP®

Lipase LP® is a family of five lipases which are available in both food and industrial grades for use in wide range of applications. Application areas for Lipase LP® include fat and oil processing, food processing, detergents, papermaking processes, and the textile industry. 


Lipase LP® is a group of lipases produced from a selected strain of Aspergillus Niger which has a high activity and conversion rate to hydrolyze fat to produce mono- or di-glycerides and free fatty acids as well as to catalyze ester synthesis and trans-esterification reactions. 

  • LP-100L is an industrial grade lipase in liquid form specifically designed for the textile industry (especially leather processing) that is effective in removing size lubricants to provide a fabric with greater absorbency for improved dyeing. In leather processing, LP-100L effectively removes fat in the degreasing process and has a low environmental impact 

  • LP-10 & LP-20 are industrial grade lipases in powder form designed for use in detergents, the textile industry, and papermaking processes.LP-10 & LP-20 can improve these processes and offer significant cost reductions

  • LP-1000 & LP-2000 are food grade lipases in powder form designed for use in the baking industry. LP-1000 & LP-2000 enhance the dough stability, improve crumb structure, and loaf volume


Leather Applications: 

  • Improve tanning, soaking, and degreasing of a variety of rawhides

  • LP-100L degrades fat without damaging the leather

  • Give better quality in finished products

  • Cost efficient


Detergent Applications:

  • Effectively improve cleaning power of detergents

  • Effectively remove greasy stains such as lipstick, butter, sauces, ect.

  • Safer to use- reduce environmental impact of detergents ( biodegradable, no harmful residues)

  • Cost efficient  


Papermaking Applications:

  • Effectively remove pitch and related substances from pulp during papermaking process

  • Give finished product better quality- increase whiteness and intensity

  • Safer to use

  • Cost efficient- decrease chemical usage and extends equipment life    


Baking Applications:

  • Improve dough characteristics: increased dough stability and maximum resistance to extension 

  • Improve loaf volum and softness

  • Improve flavor, taste and appearance in finished products

  • Reduce use of other additives ( shortening, DATEM,SSL) 

  • Clean label improver - no remaining activity in final products

  • Cost efficient

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