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Protease AP®

Protease AP® is a family of eight acidic proteases for use in hydrolyzing a wide range of raw materials where low pH is required or desirable and is available in both food and industrial grades.


Protease AP® is a group of acidic proteases produced from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger.  Protease AP® can effectively and efficiently hydrolyze proteins into peptides and free amino acids under low pH conditions.

  • AP-100 and AP-150 are industrial grade acidic proteases in liquid form designed for the fuel ethanol industry to provide Free Amino Nitrogen for enhanced yeast growth.

  • AP- 500, AP-520 and AP-530 are food grade acidic liquid proteases designed for brewing, potable alcohol and food processing applications where low pH required.

  • AP-100L is an industrial grade liquid acidic protease specifically designed for textile applications. AP-100L allows you to modify the surface of wool (remove scales) to prevent wool felting.

  • AP-10 is an industrial grade acidic protease, in powder form, designed specifically for textile applications. AP-10 is used in the degumming of silk and used to produce sand-washed effects on silk garments.

  • AP-6000 is a food grade acidic protease, in powder form, designed for use in food processing, baking, brewing, and potable alcohol applications.     


Fuel Ethanol and Brewing/Potable Alcohol Fermentation Applications: 

  • Promotes improved fermentation, saccharification, and oil extraction

  • Promotes enhanced yeast growth

  • Maximize fermentation rate and increase alcohol yield

  • Cost-efficient

Textile Applications:

  • Removes gum from silk fiber to achieve improved luster and softness

  • Removes scales on the surface of wool fibers and prevents felting

  • Improves anti-shrinkage properties

  • Improves surface appearance in wool and piling performance

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