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Protease JP-20®

Protease JP-20® is an industrial grade alkaline protease designed for applications in leather soaking, hair removal, softening and silk degumming that allows you to simplify the process, reduce the production time and cost, improve the quality of finished products and increase the yields. 


Protease JP-20® is an alkaline protease, in powder form, produced from a selected strain of Bacillus licheniformis. Protease JP-20® effectively hydrolyzes proteins into peptides and free amino acids under alkaline conditions (pH 9 ~ 12). In leather manufacturing applications, Protease JP-20® is used for soaking treatments (to remove non-fibrillar proteins) and dehairing processes (improves waste water quality).


  • Reduces chemical usage and shortens processing time

  • Simplifies the process and reduces processing costs

  • Increases yield

  • Improves quality of finished products (cleaner, stronger surface, softer leather, and less spots)

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